College Wrestling
By Jason Gluckman

College WrestlingIn the U.S., wrestling is an important sport at the university and school levels. College wrestling is a form of wrestling practiced at the university levels. It is also referred to as Collegiate wrestling or Folkstyle wrestling, to differentiate it from other forms of wrestling. National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) are the two national level entities in the U.S. that organize wrestling events across the country. Wrestling at high school or junior high levels is termed as scholastic wrestling. It is different from college wrestling and has its own set of rules. It is essential for wrestlers to gain experience at the scholastic level and upgrade their wrestling skills before

College wrestling is different from professional or international wrestling in many ways. The focus is on wrestlers learning to control their opponents rather than on explosive action. The rules also vary a little bit at this level. Wrestlers are discouraged from throwing their opponents to avoid injuries. The length of a period in college wrestling is different from that in professional wrestling. The first period is of three minutes duration while the second and third periods are of two minutes each. Riding time is a rule unique to college wrestling. This means that if a wrestler stays in the top position for more than a minute, he earns an extra point.

College level wrestlers often dream of making it big as professional wrestlers. This is not an easy goal to accomplish as the wrestling rules at a professional level are infinitely more challenging. The rigor of training required for qualifying as a professional wrestler is tough. However, college wrestling provides an excellent platform for young wrestlers to showcase their skills. The really talented wrestlers from this level are spotted and recruited in the national teams.

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